Safe Plastic Surgery

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, patient safety is our number one priority. To make sure that we do everything possible to maintain patient safety, we have formalized our steps into The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Patient Safety Program.

The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Patient Safety Program includes these elements:

--We ask our patients to describe in detail any medical problems, medications they take, or previous surgeries. This allows us to understand any special needs of our patients.

--We send anyone with questionable or known medical problems to see a primary care physician or any necessary specialists prior to performing procedures. Prevention of problems is the key to plastic surgery safety.

--We use physician anesthesiologists for all procedures that require general anesthesia or deep sedation.

--We uphold the strictest hiring and educational criteria in our nursing staff to make certain patients are well cared for before, during, and after all procedures.

--We perform procedures in our state-of-the-art surgery center, which is fully certified by AAAHC and the Federal government (Medicare) to assure the highest standards in our patient care, medications, sterility, lighting, and equipment.

--We maintain a binding transfer agreement with Cedars Sinai Medical Center, should there be a need for hospital care following a procedure.

--We have the most modern monitoring and life-saving equipment on site.

--We provide detailed post-operative teaching (with written instructions) to our patients and their families or other caregivers, so they know what to expect and any problem signs following procedures. Avoiding any confusion about medical instructions is important for procedures large and small, from the smallest liposculpture procedure to very large surgeries such as Beverly Hills breast reduction.

--We have 24 hour physician coverage for emergencies following procedures.

The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Patient Safety Program involves our patients, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, staff, and patient families or other caregivers all working together toward a common goal: Assuring the safest possible surgical experience. As a California plastic surgeon, I am very pleased to have worked closely with all of our medical staff in the continuing process of improving the experiences of our patients.

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There are many different factors that go into booking surgery for your cosmetic procedure. One important thing to factor into your surgery is the recovery. Once you meet with the surgeon and decide upon having the surgery you will then need to schedule a date to have the procedure done. Many facilities do surgeries on Tuesday or Thursdays. Each procedure requires different amount of down time and time off from work or school. The usual length of cosmetic procedures are between five to fourteen days.

If you work on the weekdays it may be smart to book your surgery on Thursday so that the weekend will give you a few more days of extra recovery upon returning to work. If you feel uncomfortable about telling friends and co-workers that you are having a cosmetic procedure done, you can tell them that you are taking a vacation or you are having a female or male type surgery.

You will not be able to drive until you are off of narcotics and can steer the wheel. It is wise to stock up with groceries before your surgery so that you will not have to leave your house for the first few days. You must arrange your transportation home from the surgery. You are not allowed to drive after surgery. It is important that once you return home you stay elevated and drink plenty of fluids. Elevation is important especially for breast augmentation Los Angeles. You are not on strict bed rest and it is important to walk to keep the blood flowing. It is important that someone stay with you the night of surgery to assist you with anything you may need.

Plastic Surgery Safety for People With Latex Allergey

Plastic Surgery and cosmetic surgery are elective procedures. In these situations, every possible step should be taken to maximize patient safety. Some people have allrgies to latex, and this can be a very serious condition. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery we have made provisions to assure maximum safety for people who have latex allergy.

For people with latex allergy, exposure to this product can cause untoward and even severe body reactions. Reactions to this type of latex range from contact dermatitis (a rash) to lgE-mediated (total body reaction) allergy -- with serious respiratory or systemic involvement. These reactions to the natural form of latex may be caused by latex-specific proteins or by one or more of the chemicals added during manufacture of medical supplies. Latex allergy safey during surgery becomes a crucial issue for people with this condition.

As mentioned before, at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, since plastic surgery is elective, extra care must be taken to create the most comfortable and safest experience possible. At our surgery center in Los Angeles, one of our operating rooms is designated as completely latex free. In fact, in this operating room no latex has ever been used so there is not even a chance of any residual latex being in the operating room environment. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to latex, please let your plastic surgeon know. We will make arrangements to make your plastic surgery experience completely free of latex. These steps will help assure you of maximum safety.

For more information on other steps we take to assure your safety, please read about our Patient Safety Program, also on this Blog. We are pleased to have made plastic surgery safety our top priority. We are able to have latex-free surgery for all plastic surgery procedures we do, including Los Angeles breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, eyelift, facelift, rhinoplasty, and more.

Plastic Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Lap Band surgery results in massive weight loss -- and usually makes people dramatically healthier and happier. Often, though, people are left with loose and sometimes hanging skin. In this situation, body contouring surgery can offer tremendous improvements in appearance.

It is important that several prerequisites are met before undertaking your body contouring surgery. You should be healthy overall. Your weight should be stable. You should plan on waiting at least a year between your Lap Band and your first plastic surgery procedure. You should realize that body contouring surgeries may need to be staged over several months. It is important to remain coordinated with your original team during this process. This continuity with the team that did your initial procedure team will make your entire plastic surgery after massive weight loss experience as smooth and safe as possible.

There is a range of plastic surgery options available for people seeking body contouring after significant weight loss. The exact combination of procedures depends on your body type and personal priorities. Some examples include tummy tuck, arm lift or brachioplasty, breast lift for women or chest lift for men, thigh lift, even face lift or neck lift.

In some cases, a total body lift offers large amounts of improvement in one setting. At our center, we tend to stage the lifting of midsections and combine them with other procedures during each trip to surgery. For example, we may do a tummy tuck as a “front lift” along with a thigh lift, and then come back a few months later and do a “back lift” to contour the back and buttocks along with an arm lift. We find that with this sort of staging of the large midsection surgeries, recovery tends to be easier. It also allows room for a “touch up” to the previous procedure, where skin may have stretched a bit again over time.

The most important part of the process is to plan your procedures thoroughly. That means working with your plastic surgeon to develop an individualized treatment program that is right for you. You can start this process early on, even before your Lap Band. Start thinking early about your own priorities for fine tuning your body after you lose weight.


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