Skin Activating Liposuction

At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we are doing a lot of liposuction as people get ready for the summer. We now do our procedures with a technique we call Skin Activating Liposuction and have been very excited by the results. With our Beverly Hills liposuction procedures, we add an extra step to the process. We intentionally irritate the underside of the skin. When skin is irritated in this way, it tends to heal with some internal tightening. This approach works to help the skin shrink more tightly, so once the fat is removed the resulting overall contour should be improved.

We have found that the technique works very well for subtle treatments such as chin and neck liposuction. In cases such as this, the extra skin shrinking defines the angle of the jaw more cleanly and sharply. The procedure is also very useful for larger volume liposuction, such as that shown in the photos above. When we are removing four or five liters of fat, the skin has a lot of shrinking to do. This technique helps to stimulate the process.

In many cases, though, even Skin Activating Liposuction will not do the job. If there is too much extra skin, or if the skin has been over stretched (which is the case whenever there are stretch marks) then other procedures are necessary that actually remove skin. Such procedures as tummy tuck and thigh lift will provide improved contour in these situations.

We can tell you which procedure -- our Skin Activating Liposuction or another technique that actually removes skin -- will work best for you based on your body type and current situation. When we examine you we will tell you our recommendations!


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