Woman awarded $8.25M after breast augmentation & mastopexy complication

In a full display of "jackpot justice" American-style, a Florida jury awarded a women over $ 8 million (USD) to compensate for pain and suffering for complications resulting from an augmentation mastopexy surgery. This episode highlights both a tort system out of control as well as the risk associated many breast operations (reductions, lifts, augmentations).

Simultaneous augmentation-mastopexy are tricky operations with known higher complication rates. If you think about it conceptually, you're doing a procedure with two competing forces - tightening the skin + "stuffing" the inside. When these the tension from the surgery exceeds the remaining blood supply to the breast tissue & nipple complex, you get tissue loss. Sometimes this is confined to just "fat necrosis" where some small areas of the fatty breast tissue harden & cause little problem other then being able to be felt. Large areas of fat necrosis can require surgery to remove as it can be both painful and hard.

Despite risks much higher then either procedure alone, we do these fairly frequently. Why? Patient demand and convenience. Staging these procedures requires 2 facility, anesthesia, and surgeons' fees which raise the cost a great deal. Also factor in recovery time from an additional procedure and it's easy to see why patients demand theses & surgeons' offer them.

What can be done to minimize the risks?
Don't operate on smokers or diabetics
Don't stuff oversized implants in
Don't go to "the edge of the ledge" while tucking the skin
Consider an adjustable device like the Mentor Spectrum implant (see here)



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