Implants save another life!

Another woman's life saved by her implants in Bulgaria. Kind of the companion piece to the Israeli woman who survived the mortar blast in August (see here)

I can see the marketing now touting the health benefits: "Breast Implants- the new red wine" :)

From today's newswire:

Forget airbags, silicone breasts will do. A Bulgarian newspaper reports a woman in the town of Ruse survived a car crash thanks to her silicone breasts, which acted as an airbag.

The 24-year-old ran through a red light and crashed her car into another vehicle at a busy crossroad in the middle of town Saturday over the weekend.

"The two cars were crumpled past recognition in the crash but the woman's silicone breasts acted as airbags and saved her life", the report said, citing eyewitnesses.

But survival came at a price as the woman burst her silicone implants in the crash. A police expert explained that the 40DD silicone implants "absorbed the impact of the crash".
He added: "They worked just like airbags - protecting the victim's ribs and vital organs from damage.However they are not as safe as the real thing because they exploded, which airbags are not supposed to do."



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