Breast Implant article quoting Pat Maxwell in Wired Magazine

I saw an interesting article on Wired magazine's website about the pending silicone breast implant reintroduction. It caught my attention as it quoted my friend & mentor, Dr. Pat Maxwell from Nashville,TN in the article.

There's a great quote from him putting into context some of the demands being asked of manufacturers by the anti-implant lobbying groups:

"It's like telling Nokia or Motorola they haven't proved cell phones don't cause brain cancer," said Pat Maxwell, a Nashville, Tennessee-based plastic surgeon and a clinical professor of surgery at Vanderbilt University.

Maxwell helped invent the silicone breast implant marketed by Inamed, which was bought by Allergan for $3.21 billion in March.Maxwell noted that penis implants that have been used for decades are made of the same type of silicone as their breast counterparts. "American surgeons are 15 years behind the times. In Tasmania, of all places, they're shocked that American women don't have access to silicone gel implants," said Maxwell, who was on the Australian island to speak at a plastic surgery conference.

No word yet from the FDA though. I'm watching tomorrow's congressional election closely as I mentioned previously, as this could have an effect on the status of these devices.



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