Dr. Tony Youn on Mesotherapy and Britany Spears

My co-conspirator in Plastic Surgery blogging, Tony Youn, makes note of a report in the UK's tabloid, The Sun that Britany Spears under went Mesotherapy injections in Las Vegas recently. Mesotherapy is the injection of off-label drugs which is toxic to cells (including fat cells) and has been used in a loosely-regulated fashion in Europe for decades to "spot reduce" fatty areas.

It's been banned in some countries (Brazil) for rashes of horrible complications, although in the US we've been more likely to merely see unsatisfied patients rather then people showing up in the E.R. The American Society of Plastic Surgery has taken the lead on evaluating this treatment and has organized clinical studies under internal review board over site to assess the safety and efficacy. Meanwhile, many doctors who have no business performing "human experimentation" (as it's been called) have plunged ahead with this technique and marketed it aggressively.

Irrespective of whether mesotherapy even works (which is still debatable), if this is true, it is a stunning lack of judgement to perform this on someone who is 1) recently post partum & 2) recently discharged from a psychiatric treatment facility.

Complications arising in a scenario like this could leave a Doctor vulnerable to the legal question of whether or not Ms. Spears could reliably give informed consent.

Dr. Rob Oliver
Oliver Plastic Surgery


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