An interesting way to finance your breast implants

Where a need in the market exists, someone will fill it. In an era where there are literally hundreds of ways to finance Plastic Surgery, I give you My free breast is a website that purports to be a "matchmaking" service between women who want breast implants and people who wish to "help them out" to pay for it. More than 1,000 women and more than 5,000 men donors are currently on the site, and an estimated 20 women have gotten free breast implants in the year that the MyFreeImplants has been up and running. The money goes directly from the Web site to the surgeons apparently with the webmaster taking a 10% commission.
"It works similar to any other social networking Web site like Facebook or Myspace. A guy signs up and a girl signs up they each create their own profile. They got their own bio. They got photos and basically you start trying to meet people on the Web site," founder Jason Grunstra said.

I guess it shouldn't be surprising when tens of millions will pay $1 per vote by phone to participate in the electoral college of American Idol that you'd get people contributing for people's cosmetic surgery they'd never met. Strange but (apparently) true.

Many of the major banks have watched the growth in cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, fertility medicine, and laser eye surgery with interest as well. Most of the big boys have divisions of their bank devoted specifically to this market. Oliver Plastic Surgery, for instance, uses Capital One Bank's program. These various programs give fairly favorable interest rates based on some calculus of your credit score.



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