Nip/Tuck Joins Us On Rodeo Drive

Nip/Tuck is joining Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery on our famous street. This is truly a case of fiction meeting fact: We are the only real-life plastic surgery center on Rodeo Drive and now TV's most famous fictional plastic surgeons are coming to our location.

I imagine the writers on the show chose to move to Rodeo Drive for the same reasons we built our plastic surgery center here. The street represents style and glamour, perhaps like no other in the world. We try to bring the same sense of luxury, great service, and innovation to plastic surgery that our neighbors bring to fashion and shopping. It will be interesting to see the storylines that develop around this theme. While we love being here and our patients seem to enjoy coming to see us here, it does appear certain that the plotlines will be pretty far afield from what we see day to day here at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery doing Beverly Hills tummy tuck and other procedures..

Nip/Tuck does have some pretty outlandish goings-on. It will be fun to watch. But it is probably for the best (both for our doctors, staff, and patients) that in some ways real-life is different from fiction. After all, who wants to get a Beverly Hills facelift and during their recovery encounter the sorts of strange twists and turns that befall people on television.

Stay tuned!


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