St. Louis Mesotherapy clinic chain (FIG) filing for bankruptcy

The first major casualty in the American experience with mesotherapy has arrived with reports that FIG, the first franchised mesotherapy clinic company, is closing it's doors in the wake of hundreds of complaints from unhappy clients.

FIG had operated over a dozen clinics in seven states that promoted a package of mesotherapy injections, costing almost $2,000 per body part, to reduce fatty deposits on the thighs, abdomen, buttock, and neck. Its clinics reportedly performed over 100,000 mesotherapy-style treatments across the nation.

Now all this doesn't mean that mesotherapy can't or doesn't work, but it clearly shows what happens when you put the cart in front of the horse with new technology or techniques. It's to the credit of the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation that they've taken the lead in trying to study the safety and efficacy of standardized regimens for these injection lipolysis treatments. The inaction of other medical groups who have dabbled in this is disturbing.

Hopefully this will temper the enthusiasm for people experimenting with these kinds of injections until we have more information. Remember that the active components of all these treatments are cyto-toxic medications being used in a way far from their accepted indications.


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