Combined plastic surgery - Advantages and downsizes

A combined plastic surgery is a procedure in which more then one type of cosmetic surgery is being performed. Dr. Balu, Westchester plastic surgery, has explained the advantages and downsizes in procedures such as this:
In many cases the patient might be interested in performing more then one cosmetic moderation. Not all type of plastic surgery can be performed at the same time but there are some that can. Also, not all people can go through a combined plastic surgery due to their physical condition.
The most obvious advantage in a combined plastic surgery is the times you go trough anesthesia. It is a well known fact that anastisia demands a lot from the human body and in some cases is even dangerous. In a combined plastic surgery you will have all operations under one anesthesia. Another advantage is the time saving. The surgery and recovery time is being shortened substantially.
The downsize of combined plastic surgery is the risk in a longer operating time. Also, the recovery can be harder to take when recovering from more then one procedure.


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