Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement may mean different things to different people. Breast augmentation increases the size of the breasts. Breast lifts improve droopy sagging breasts. Breast reduction removes excess breast tissue for an enhanced appearance and improved functionality.
Yet, breast enhancement may relate to the desire for women to enhance the breasts in other ways, including:

Breast Asymmetry: Breast asymmetry is noticed when there is a difference between the breasts in size, shape, or both. Surgeons determine the size of each breast using a flexible ruler, starting from the outside of the chest to the other side of the same breast.

Sometimes the breast asymmetry is obvious, others, it is quite unnoticeable but some women still ask for corrections because they feel that their quality of life is affected and a minor adjustment to the breasts could bring back the smile and happiness to their lives.

Lack of Breast Fullness: The upper pole of the breast may not be full, but the patient may not wish to increase size. Breast lift technique may involve repositioning breast tissue to create more fullness but in some cases a breast implant is required to achieve a fully satisfactory outcome.

In some cases, both procedures are recommended to reach full satisfaction. However, it is always up to the woman to decide if she needs more fullness to the breasts or she may think they look normal which differ from one person to another.


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