Liposuction - for big and small

Liposuction was initially most commonly used to remove localized pockets of fat in the abdomen. Soon love handles, buttocks and thighs became commonly requested for liposuction. Over time, the technology improved to create greater possibilities for the safe effective removal of fat for just about any area of the body. For example, the cannulas offered today are designed in a variety of sizes to meet very small localized areas as well as larger ones.

Now, individuals interested in liposuction can benefit from fat removal for their knees, back rolls, turkey waddle, arms, calves and inner thighs. In fact, a recently coined procedure relating to fat removal is large volume liposuction. Large volume liposuction is commonly requested by those that are obese or have experienced massive weight loss but have retained large fat deposits in select bothersome areas.

Large volume liposuction allows for the removal of up to 5 liters of aspiration to accommodate for obese and massive weight loss patient needs. Finally, male breast reduction surgery is a widely requested procedure among men and liposuction has made it possible for men suffering from enlarged breasts to benefit from.

Male breast reduction may be requested by youths that are challenged with oversized breasts, body builders, or the average man that is bothered by the oversized appearance of the breasts.


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