Face wrinkles – Not effected only by genes

When a person wants to know how they are going to age, they usually look upon their parents. the common believe is that things like wrinkles are affected mostly by genes.

Researches made on twins living on different geographical areas or even with a different approach for life show that there are much more factors then genes that can affect the way our face will look when we are older.

Various climates can have a major affect on our skin. Sunnier countries may cause more wrinkles then less sunny ones. Dry climate also can affect the amount of wrinkles on our face.

Medications are also a factor to be considered. It is proven, for example, that antidepressants drugs also cause wrinkles.

Life style and general mood are big factors. A stressed person will usually have more wrinkles then a calm one. stressed life styles are well know for their affect on our health, whether it’s heart diseases or stomach diseases. Now we know for a fact that it also affects the amount and depth of wrinkles on our face.

Big dramatic events also have the same affect. Our emotional condition has a direct affect on our physical condition, including the esthetic one.

Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, bad nutrition, lack of flaunts and any other consumed product entered to our body, each has an affect on our wrinkles.

So stop blaming your parents and start examining your life style and habits. You might discover that a changes in them will save you lots of money in plastic surgery.


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