Plastic surgery scars

It’s sometimes not really understandable why someone would deliberately cause them selves scars, but in the world of plastic surgery a scar is a small inconvenient, something one can leave with if it means bigger breasts or a smoother tummy.

So why do scars considered more tolerable then other natural flaws?

first of all scars are less obvious. They are hidden easily and are made, in most cases in areas that are less visible.

Second, with today’s technology and surgical methods the scars are mush smaller then what they were few years back. The incisions are sowed with a special thread that dissolves by it self after a few days. This means that the procedure of taking out the thread is saved and therefore less trauma to the body accurse.

Third, there are many ointments made out of silicon or other materials that are helping the scar to close up in a more esthetic way.

The most important part is that the knowledge that plastic surgeons now have is much more then what they had before. They are ware of things that can safe time, incisions and pain from the surgery and the patient. An incision of a tummy tuck today can’t even start to be compared to a tummy tuck incision from less then 10 years ago. Breast augmentation can be done these days by making a small incision in the belly button area.

Don’t forget that there are also cosmetic procedures that can help is causing the scar to decrease and even disappear completely. So even if a patient doesn’t feel comfortable with the scars there is something to be done with that too.


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